EMC for Systems and Installations Published in December 99, written by Tim Williams and Keith Armstrong. This follows a similar approach to the established EMC for Product Designers but is aimed at system builders and installers
EMC for Product Designers Written by Tim Williams, this has become the reference handbook for designers who have to meet EMC regulations. Now in its fifth edition
The Circuit Designer's Companion Also (originally) written by Tim Williams, this meets the need for a guide to designing electronic products for the real world. NB the second edition is now out of print; the third edition is available, under Peter Wilson's authorship
Other book reviews Some more EMC books that are on the shelf at Elmac Services
The Clemson EMC booklist A fairly comprehensive list of EMC books
This section describes a number of books, either written by Elmac Services' Tim Williams or some others which are useful to EMC practitioners.
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